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Mike Liddle, CFM

Mike Liddle, CFM, Managing Partner of Business & Facilities  UK and Director at SheltercareFM Consult, was the Past  President of the Facility Management Consultants Council  globally for the International Facility Management Association  (IFMA 24,000 members in most countries in the world) and has  held the role of President of European IFMA for over two years  and was a founding board member of the International Special  Interest group of the BIFM.

Mike Liddle is a highly experienced Consultant and Engineer who  has successfully run a number of businesses, both private and  public. His experience includes the control and co-ordination of  multi-million pound projects involving design, construction and  commissioning of production, research, hospital, retail and office  facilities in the UK and on the European mainland.

He is a frequent contributor to reports by the UK Trade & Industry and Department of Health International (UK) Inward &  Trade Missions as well as a speaker and chairperson on the  international conference circuit relevant to facilities  management.