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Collins Osayamwen MSc, CFM, CFMJ IFMA Fellow
Managing Partner

Collins Osayamwen, CFM, Managing Partner of  SheltercareFM will lead the team locally and will be fully  supported by Mike Liddle who has many years experience  working in Nigeria and all over EMEA.

Collins is a Certified Facility Manager (CFM) with a master’s  degree in project management and has over 20 years  experience in the facility management profession. He has  been team task leader on various assignments and currently  provides FM consulting services as international expert to  multilateral and bilateral organizations, and national  governments.

He is championing the cause to institutionalize the FM  profession in Nigeria. He was appointed Director on the IFMA board of Directors 2013 – 2015), Collins, serves as a global

liaison for Africa to IFMA’s Facility Management Consultant  Council.  He  is  the  first  African  to  be  awarded  IFMA’s Distinguished Member / Professional of the year 2011 – 2012.