SheltercareFM Consult supports property owners and corporate users to optimize procurement, management and control of facility services, ensuring efficient processes and sustainable organization.


  • Strategic sourcing, performance improvement and consultancy
  • Service design (business process reengineering, simulations)
  • Service desk and Outsourcing
  • Advisory (feasibility study, appraisal, transaction services)
  • Business process reengineering (BPR) & Strategic consultancy
  • Building Condition Assessment (BCA)

Professional FM service provision

  • Space planning & space management
  • Facility, operations and maintenance management
  • Compliance management
  • Asset & fleet management
  • Property management
  • Professional services (technical due diligence, environmental due diligence, audit and survey)
  • Compliance & Risk management
  • Implementation of ISO41001

IT Integration solution

  • Integrated system for Smart building and flexible workplace
  • Integrated system for space management and facility management
  • (IWMS –CAFM), energy management, HSE management
  • Internet of things (IoTs) & Building Management System (BMS)
  • Asset Indoor positioning
  • Property portfolio management
  • Compliance & Risk management
  • Capital project management
  • Space planning & management


SheltercareFM Consult expertise and experience, combined with our Innovative solutions (BIM, simulations, augmented reality, IoT, BMS, predictive models) ensure to deliver quality projects on time, optimizing buildings for the wellbeing and comfort of the customer and minimizing additional cost of constructions. Each project is designed in view of the future management and maintenance


  • Feasibility Study and concept design
  • Service design (Logistic flow engineering, Simulations)

Professional FM Services

  • Program & project management, procurement
  • Architectural, Civil MEP –HVAC design and engineering (design, permitting, work supervision, safety management

IT Integrated Solution

    • Integrated design solutions (building information modeling)
    • Integrated project management solutions (capital project management, program & project management and capital budgeting)
    • Integrated commissioning, building condition assessment & augmented reality solutions


Integrated solutions to decrease the real estate management costs, to increase health and safety in the workplace, to improve the environmental impact and well being of individuals


  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Energy assessment
  • Energy auditing

Professional FM Services

  • Green Building
  • Green building services (energy audit, energy modeling simulation, design and energy performance optimization, LEED or green building certification)
  • Smart Energy management
  • HSE Services (due diligence and safety management)

IT Integration solution

  • Energy Service Management
  • Integrated building and equipment management systems
  • BMS & IOT

Today, as companies transform their support services to drive competitive advantage, they are integrating various capabilities, whether they are retained in- house or outsourced shared or distributed around the world – into a portfolio of services that is aligned with business management.

When the right FM training is obtained, A facility manager can have a huge impact on an organization, from creating an optimum working environment conducive for greater productivity, through to a direct positive impact upon the triple bottom line.

All organizations would like more from their facilities operation. For some, the target is greater reliability; for others, the target is better value for money or higher levels of services; some want all three.

To achieve such goals, Facilities Managers must develop the knowledge, skills and techniques through FM trainings, which enable the most effective ways to manage premises and assets. Experience and personal attributes are a major factor but focused learning and training has a huge role in equipping facility managers with the skills and knowledge to improve performance objectives.

Trainings we offer

  • Individualized trainings
  • Group/Corporate FM trainings
  • Specialized Professional Trainings

Training Courses

A. International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Trainings in partnership with the Abuja chapter of IFMA

  1. Facility Management Essentials
  2. Facility Management Professional (FMP) Course
  3. Certified Facility Manager (CFM)

B. ISO 41001: 2018 Trainings
C. Customized Facility Management Trainings for Individuals & Corporate organizations.

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions through creation of waste recycling programs in banking sectors, private organizations and government Institutions. In our quest to further pursue our sustainability initiatives, Our Company, SheltercareFM Consult is partnering with Busch Systems Inc. based in Canada to providing Waste and Recyclable containers and also helps in creating recycling  program within organizations in Nigeria and across the rest of Africa market.  Our waste & recycling solution has the capability to save 20-50% on monthly waste disposal fees.

Our waste management and recycling solutions involves:

  • Creating a waste recycling Program in corporate Organizations.
  • Education/training and communications program to encourage comprehensive adoption
  • To allow for greater adoption and adaptation.

Sale of Recycling Bins
As a Facility Management Consultancy Company, we understand the need for a wastefree Facility and the need to practice sustainable waste management practice through recycling in any building/Facility. To this end, we partnered with Busch Systems, Manufacturers of Waste and Recycling Bins in Canada and we are the authorized company representative of Busch systems (Manufactures of waste and recyclable containers based in Canada) in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

The recycling industry has come a long way since Busch Systems began in the early 1980’s and it’s our pleasure to help organizations/individuals create a recycling program capable of delivering a more favourable image and promote environmental stewardship.