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We are committed to providing sustainable solutions through creation of waste recycling programs in banking sectors, private organizations and government Institutions. In our quest to further pursue our sustainability initiatives, Our Company, SheltercareFM Consult is partnering with Busch Systems Inc. based in Canada to providing Waste and Recyclable containers and also helps in creating recycling  program within organizations in Nigeria and across the rest of Africa market.  Our waste & recycling solution has the capability to save 20-50% on monthly waste disposal fees.

Our waste management and recycling solutions involves:

  • Creating a waste recycling Program in corporate Organizations.
  • Education/training and communications program to encourage comprehensive adoption
  • To allow for greater adoption and adaptation.

Sale of Recycling Bins
As a Facility Management Consultancy Company, we understand the need for a wastefree Facility and the need to practice sustainable waste management practice through recycling in any building/Facility. To this end, we partnered with Busch Systems, Manufacturers of Waste and Recycling Bins in Canada and we are the authorized company representative of Busch systems (Manufactures of waste and recyclable containers based in Canada) in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

The recycling industry has come a long way since Busch Systems began in the early 1980’s and it’s our pleasure to help organizations/individuals create a recycling program capable of delivering a more favourable image and promote environmental stewardship.