Essentials of Facility Management

Essentials of Facility Management


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Facility Management Essential (FME)

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) education resource developed an entry – level training product to meet the educational needs of emerging facility management professionals in the global FM markets. The program is grounded in the basic concepts that describe the field of facility management and addresses how those concepts can be of value to an organization.

This Course offers the latest thinking in the FM profession and provides real solution to the practical problems encountered in the field; it is also designed to cater for the learning gaps Facility Management staff faces in delivering services to their clients in the ever increasingly changing workplace.

Course Outline

This program is a series of three training workshops that will address the basic essentials needed to become (or be more effective as) a supervisor or work unit leader in the FM profession.

The Course Workshop Titles Are:

  1. Introduction to Facility Management
  2. Operation and Maintenance Series
  3. Work Management in   Facilities   Series

Workshop 1: Introduction to Facility Management

  • Describe the definition and functions of facility management.
  • Explain how important managing a facility is to an organization.
  • Explain the role of facility management in the organization.
  • Identify a variety of roles and responsibilities of those working in the facility management profession.
  • Identify the 11 major competency areas that comprise the field.
  • Be able to recognize how FM professionals work with these different competency areas as they carry out their duties.
  • Identify some of the challenges encountered while carrying out the FM role in different types of organizations and regions.


Workshop 2: Operation And Maintenance Series

  • Describe the basic terms and definitions associated with the operations and maintenance of a building.
  • Compare the differences between reactive and preventive maintenance and associated maintenance techniques.
  • Identify the basic functions of O&M: housekeeping, services, utilities and consumption, and maintenance.

The Basics Of Building Systems:

   List and describe basic building systems, foundation, structure, and exterior, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, re protection and site systems.

   Explain the operational activities associated with each building system. Identify where to apply maintenance programs to each building system.

Workshop 3: Work Management In Facilities Series

   Supervisory Roles in Facility Work Management

   Describe the facility supervisor’s role in the organization. Describe the basics of scheduling work.

   Explain    the    basics     of     time     management. Identify the time, cost and resources needed to manage facility work. Managing   Contractors   in    Facility    Management: Identify basic types of facility service contracts.

   Compare the difference between in-house FM services and out sourced service providers.

Describe Basic Management Techniques For Service Contractors

Course Objectives:

Establish a common foundation of knowledge and vocabulary throughout your facility management department

  • Ensure the competency and professionalism of employees
  • Make your organization more efficient
  • Provide an unbiased evaluation tool and hiring qualification
  • Contribute to the organization’s competitive advantage Value:
  • Implement a premier-quality, turn-key training program that allows your staff to get started within minutes of placing your order
  • Provide customized, consistent training to your team nationwide with instructor-led training and on-line study.


Monitor your staff’s performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and ensure you are generating a high return on your investment with online group tracking and reporting tools.

Who should attend the FME

  • Emerging managers/supervisors that need to be introduced to the field of Facility Management and gain a better understanding about managing certain aspects of an organization’s facilities.
  • Individuals who have recently taken on the role of providing the first level of leadership to a work unit or team that is responsible for working with one or more aspects of the facilities of an organization
  • Individuals who have some technical trade or office work experience and want to explore the field of facility management
  • Individuals who are in charge of managing the contracts for an organization’s FM-related services
  • Individuals who are new to the field of facility management with little or no technical background.