Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

CBN is Nigeria’s Apex bank charged with the responsibility of administering the Bank’s and other financial institutions with the aim of ensuring high standards of banking  practice and financial stability. In order to focus on its core functions, CBN has developed a highly sophisticated computerized system of managing her facilities throughout the  banks business locations in Nigeria

Relationship Since

2011 – Till Date

Scope Of Services

The provision of Facility Management service to drive the implementation process of the deployment of a Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) solution. The solution was  deployed at the various business locations (34 locations) of Central Bank of Nigeria with  central management, supervisory and/or oversight functions domiciled at the Head  Office.

Key Achievements

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Performance monitoring and measurement
  • Service specifications for Facility Management services Reporting

Area of Operation